BTS2U specialises in creating the best solutions for your business needs, no matter if you need mobile, telephone, voice or connectivity. Our highly trained staff will help your business become more competitive and efficient, increasing your profits and productivity.

We offer you choice

Currently you can choose from a number of services including: Business telephone systems, fibre optic broadband, business mobiles, voice services, line packages and more.

Hassle-Free solutions

When you work directly with BTS2U you deal with one company, one bill to pay, one company to call. Time you spent dealing with multiple companies can now be directed back into your business.

Independent service

When you choose BTS2U you get impartial, excellent advice. We don’t have loyalty to one supplier so we can offer you the options that are best for you.

Located in the UK

When you call BTS2U we answer right here in the UK. We understand the markets and the needs of the businesses we work with because we operate in the same markets.